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COVID-19 Considerations

What troubling times! We will get through this and can’t wait to welcome our membership back to the Club. We miss you! We also welcome the chance to visit with all prospective members. We want returning members and new members all set to enjoy MCC as soon as possible.

In response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) MN Emergency Executive Order, Moorhead Country Club will be closed until May 1, 2020, unless otherwise notified. Club personnel are working remotely and can be reached at this email. We will respond to all emails as soon as possible. Ongoing updates will post here under CLUB NEWS. Voice messages left at the Club office will have delayed response. Stay safe everyone!

Club News


Dear Moorhead Country Club membership,

The past few weeks have been surreal. So much information surrounds the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). New guidelines for business and social responsibility are continually emerging.  To do our part to assist in the united effort to reduce the impact of this situation, Moorhead Country Club will be adapting our business and schedule for the following

  • All Moorhead Country Club services will be closed until May 1, 2020.
  • All scheduled outside, social and fundraising events during this time frame will be postponed.
  • All memberships will be charged and receive a gift card for the remaining balance of their unmet March F&B minimums. April Food & Beverage minimums will also be billed out as a $75 F&B gift certificate for use in the upcoming membership year. You can use these certificates throughout the entire year. They are tagged right to your membership account.
  • We are now extending unspent golf shop credit through May 15th. All golf shop credit will be converted to gift cards with the new expiration. You will be able to view your gift card balance from your online member account.
    *Credit earned through The Winter Games is not subject to this deadline and will continue to be current through March 31, 2021.
  • Simulator use– The online tee sheets have been disabled and all tee times have been deleted until further notice
  • Winter leaguePlay has been suspended
  • Shopping- The golf shop will remain closed until further notice.
  • Golf instructionAll lessons have been cancelled until further notice.
  • Management will be a resource for all team members navigating their options during reduced/eliminated hourly staffing.

Our Club is but a small cog in this whole equation. We are strongly focused on doing our part to put the health and safety of our membership, team members and the community we serve at the forefront. We will continue to be prudent in our approach as new information becomes available. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Contact Michelle Horan – Director of Operations

Golf Department

UPDATE: Thursday, March 26, 2020

What a couple weeks it has been.  Our team has been so eager to present our revitalized clubhouse and bold approach to golf programming in 2020, but to say we are stifled with the constant bombardment of the pandemic, well that would be an understatement. 

I’ve had great conversations with people from across our MN PGA Section along with others across the nation and even the UK on how to address concerns relating to the spread.  There is no easy answer. There is no solution. There is only precaution and our greatest attempt at prevention. We plan to implement many of the best practices that have been derived from golf’s governing bodies, GCSAA, PGA, and the USGA. 

Green spaces are safe spaces and we plan to be a vital part of the resurgence to everyday life along with the reprieve from the stress and monotony that goes along with this difficult time.  We remain positive that we will be able to provide a safe and positive outlet to our members, community and staff. Let’s get back to golf in 2020!

Actions in regards to Covid-19

We are currently under a business shutdown by executive ordinance from the mayor of MN.  This relates to every facet of our business until May 1.  The following are a list of business adaptations that we have had to implement:

  • Simulator use– The online tee sheets have been disabled and all tee times have been deleted until further notice
  • Winter league– Play has been suspended
  • Shopping- The golf shop will remain closed until further notice.
  • Golf instruction– All lessons have been cancelled until further notice.
  • Management will be a resource for all team members navigating their options during reduced/eliminated hourly staffing.

The MN PGA Section is currently pressing the golf issue to the state of MN to allow the opening of “green” spaces in MN.  In the broadest of terms we are in fact a park, and we should be treated as such, given we take the proper precaution with communal areas.  The following are precautionary measures that Ryan and I have worked through to create the safest environment possible and to do our part in limiting the spread:

  • Extensive Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Foam noodles in cups
  • No ball washers
  • No water coolers
  • No rakes in bunkers
  • No flagsticks on practice putting greens
  • 1 person per cart unless family
  • Limited access to golf shop
  • No sand and seed bottles
  • No scorecards and pencils
  • Tees will be available in sealed bags
  • Limited availability to driving range and practice area
  • No club storage or cleaning of clubs by staff

Message from the Minnesota Golf Association

Golf and the coronavirus: how to play with confidence, according to an expert

Golf Shop Merchandise

2019-20 Shop credit will be extended to May 15, 2020.  We are in the process of converting all credit to gift cards with the May 15th expiration embedded on the member account.  All credit earned in the Winter Games will be honored through the 2020 season.

We will be promoting the always anticipated Titleist custom ball order this week.  Customers can buy 3 dozen and get 1 dozen free.  All orders must have a custom imprint.

Junior Golf

The junior golf registration is live and being promoted through email and social media.  Registration as expected is slow at the given time.  We are optimistic we will see this pick up in a few weeks as we receive more information regarding golf, teaching and group environments as it pertains to the shutdown.  Our goal is to generate 150+ students this year!

With a donation from the Baker family we are planning to incorporate short holes on all 18 holes of the golf course, thus eliminating the lengthy walks between standard tee to junior tee and increase the amount of golfers we can have on the course at once.  Flags will don the Avery’s Army logo. 

PGA junior league is accepting registrations although through communication from PGA national we are in a holding pattern regarding competition and practices.  More to come as we gain clarity.


Though all of this I remain positive. Positive that we can create a safe and inviting space for members, guests and the community.  Our management team will continue to meet and develop firm policies and procedures that will provide this much needed physical, mental and recreational outlet that so many are craving at this time.  We will continue to keep the board apprised of any future developments regarding the resumption of business activities as soon as they become available.  I would be happy to field any comments, questions or suggestions at the following contact information.  Thank you for your time.

Contact Chris Larson – PGA Head Golf Professional

Greens Superintendent

Check Back Soon for Updates!

Contact Ryan Inglis – Greens Superintendent:

Upcoming Events
Board of Directors

Check Back Soon for Updates!


Can I bring a guest?

Guests are always welcome at Moorhead Country Club. We adhere to certain policies to protect the integrity of your membership and the enjoyment of your fellow members. On the course: The same guest can join you once per month. We ask that you register all golf guests in the Golf Shop and pay the appropriate fees. At the pool: The same guest can join you four times per month. All members are asked to sign in when using the pool amenities and register their guests and pay the appropriate fees. There is no limitation on guest use in the MCC dining facilities.

What are the Guest Fee Rates?

Guest Green Fee rates are $50/18-holes and $30/9-holes. Immediate family members receive a discounted family rate of $25/18-holes. An immediate family member is defined as a parent, sibling, adult child, grandchild over 18 or in-law. The Junior Guest Green Fee for guests age 18 and under is $10/18-holes and $5/9-holes. Guest Pool Fees are $6/guest.

What is the Dress Code?

Please familiarize yourself, each member of your family and your guests with the MCC dress code.  We understand that society is becoming more casual in their dress habits, but feel that our dress code is very liberal in that it recognizes and allows for a wide latitude of options.  It is the member’s responsibility to advise their guests of the dress code in advance to prevent any embarrassment. Members and guests are responsible for proper golf attire.  Shirts and shoes must be worn.  Shirts must have sleeves (men) and a collar. Mock turtlenecks & full turtlenecks are acceptable. Unacceptable attire includes the following:  short shorts, tennis shorts, cut-offs, gym shorts, t-shirts, sweats, work denim, tank tops, halter tops and any ripped, torn or frayed clothing.  All junior golfers age 18 and under may wear neat jeans, tennis shorts and tee shirts.  If anyone arrives in inappropriate attire, you will be invited to purchase suitable golf attire from the Golf Shop. Pool attire is strictly prohibited in the Clubhouse

Can I bring my own cooler?

Outside food & beverage products are prohibited on MCC property, including the golf course and pool. We ask that you purchase your items from the selections available to you at the Club. Our service staff is instructed to report any instances of outside food & beverage to management.

Do I tip my server?

All member charged food and beverage purchases incur an automatic 20% service charge. This charge is pooled with 15% going to the service staff and 5% going to the house.  Cash sales do not have an automatic service charge. It is acceptable to pay additional gratuity to the service staff at your discretion.

Do I need a reservation for dining?

Reservations are required for events specifying “Reservations Required.” Regular dining service does not require an advance reservation, however, if you are planning on bringing a large group (party of 8 and over) we appreciate reservations as it allows us to staff for the best level of service.

How can I make a payment on my member account?

Member account statements are emailed out on the 1st of each month. Payments are due within 30 days of the statement date.  Payments may be made online via the member portal using your member log-in.  Accounts may be set up for processing with a credit card or ACH. Credit card payments will incur a 3% convenience fee effective June 1, 2019. Auto processing may also be set up through the member portal and will process on the 6th of each month.

I own a Golf Car, can I use it MCC?

Moorhead Country Club prohibits the use of private Golf Cars. The only exemption is for residents of the Moorhead Country Club development as stated in the property covenants.  Those members are charged an annual trail fee of $300 plus MN sales tax. MCC has Golf Cars available for rental at a per use rate of $20/seat for 18-holes including tax. Seasonal Golf Car rentals are available for $640+tax/Season/Single Seat; $960+tax/Season/Family  (For golf car rental, family use is defined as two seats on the same golf car for anyone in your household under your membership).

What's the scoop on Food & Beverage Minimums?

All memberships have F&B requirements. Our regular food and beverage operations are not open to the general public. They are an amenity for the membership. To support this amenity, F&B minimums are in place to encourage member usage and support. Golf and Social Membership have F&B monthly minimums of $75/month all 12 months of the membership year. Pool memberships have F&B minimums of $75/month for the months of June, July, and August. Minimums are calculated monthly and cannot be carried over to subsequent months or pre-paid. Gift Certificates may not be purchased to meet F&B minimums. Only sales of food and beverage items, exclusive of tax and gratuity, are applied to the minimum requirement. MCC does not have an off-sale liquor license and cannot sell sealed alcoholic containers to satisfy the minimum. The minimum is calculated monthly beginning with the first day of the month and ending with the last day of the month. If at the end of the monthly billing cycle, the member has not spent the minimum, the difference between the amount spent and $75 will be charged to their member account.  Corporate Memberships have F&B requirements of $3000/annually.

SNOWBIRDS: If you have a permanent alternate address for seasonal months, please contact the MCC business office to set up your Snowbird status for F&B minimums for the upcoming season. Snowbird status cannot be applied retroactively. Snowbird status allows three months of reapplied minimums for the months of January, February & March. Snowbirds minimums will be absorbed in the remaining 9 months and carry monthly minimums of $100 from April-December.

What is the Membership Year?

MCC’s membership year runs April 1 through March 31. We are not on the traditional calendar year. The first day of each new membership year is April 1 and concludes on March 31. Membership is an annual agreement. Billing for annual membership dues will appear on your January member statements. Dues for renewing memberships are due by April 1 or arrangements made for installed billing are needed by April 1. Necessary resignations of membership are accepted in the month of March only by written submission to the MCC Business Office.


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